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Pattern Review: The Lynn Pinafore and Skirt

My Version of the Lynn Pinafore: View C

Ever now and then, you just come across a pattern that you fall in love with instantly. Recently for me,that happened with the Lynn Pinafore. I mean, just look at that Hem! And that leg slit! *Sigh* I’ve been dreaming about beer gardens and summer concerts since the moment I first laid eyes on it.

I remember when I first saw a sneak peak of this pattern way back in January on Vanessa’s Instagram. She was making a lovely leopard print & coral pink version and I knew right then that this was a pattern I had to have. When she put a call out for testers a few weeks later, I nearly begged her to let me do it.

Well, I had the complete joy of testing the Lynn Pinafore & Skirt by Vanessa Hansen Studio last month and am excited to announce that the pattern is launching TODAY!

You can pick up a copy of the pattern here!

When planing, I knew I wanted to make a very similar version to hers and try out some color blocking. The skirt is broken up into 7 pattern pieces already, so it provides a really lovely canvas to get creative with fabric mixing. When ordering fabric, it was Red Week of #SewHappyColor and I’d seen some many lovely pink & red numbers, that I think that combination just stuck out to me. I found this amazing Viscose from Stoff & Stil that was just perfect for what I was envisioning. Viscose is such a good fabric for this skirt, as it provides just the right amount of drape and really allows the silhouette to take center stage. (I bought 1.25m of the pink and 0.5m of red.)

I chose to make View C: the skirt option with an elastic waistband. I live in skirts in the summer time, and I like to be comfy since I’m often chasing kids around parks. This view is also a bit easier to make and doesn’t have any zippers to fiddle with, making it a relatively quick and easy sew.

Vanessa’s Version of the Lynn Pinafore: View A

However, View A (the pinafore) and View B (the skirt with an invisible zipper) are just as lovely, and I’ve added View A to my end of summer/early fall Make-List. I think it looks AMAZING under a turtleneck. This pattern is effortlessly chic and you couldn’t go wrong with any of the three views.

Like I mentioned earlier, this skirt has a few more pieces to assemble than your average skirt pattern. (I think they were about 7 pieces altogether). But this is exactly why I am so passion about this skirt… it’s not average. It’s so unique. I hate when I spend money on a pattern and then realize I probably could have hacked something I already have for free. But this is not one of those times. The design of this skirt is so unique, I could have never done this myself.

When I first cut out the pattern, I was a bit worried about all the pieces fitting together perfectly. But in the end, I had nothing to worry about. All the pieces came together like a dream, making assembling the pattern very straightforward. Vanessa is an incredibly talented designer and this pattern is flawless. Even thought I gave myself a week to finish this garment, it took me less than an afternoon.

The only tricky thing about this pattern is keeping the pattern pieces straight when assembling. I tend to just cut my pieces out and fold the pieces neatly in a pile and store the pattern away before starting to sew. I did get confused when I went to sew on which piece is which and even which way a pattern should be facing (it didn’t help that my fabric also has nearly identical right sides and wrong sides.)

With this pattern, I would recommend only cutting once you’re ready to sew. Then I would keep my fabric pieces laid out flat with the pattern underneath them so that you can easily tell which pattern is which (and in which direction the piece is laid). It’s definitely worth keeping your pattern pieces close by, because you will probably need to reference them when assembling. But once I assembled the the front altogether and the back altogether, this sew was very straightforward.

This pattern was a really lovely sew. Vanessa’s Instructions are clear, well thought out and include picture references. I had never done a Pin Hem and found her instructions to be concise and easy to follow. My first pin hem turned out beautifully thanks to her well-written instruction.

So, what are you waiting for… go get yourself a copy!

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